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First, some people refer to their license being suspended rather than revoked. Revoked and suspended mean the same thing with respect to your license. There are two types of Driving While License Revoked in NC. The most serious is when your license is revoked for an alcohol related offense. There are several reasons why your license could be considered revoked for such a reason. Some of those are a previous DWI charge, failing to pay a civil revocation fee, etc. There are arguments that can be be made as to whether or not a suspension is truly based on an alcohol related offense or not. If you are suspended for an alcohol related offense it is a class one misdemeanor and a conviction will result in an additional period of suspension as well as jail time. A suspension for some other reason is a class three misdemeanor.

The goal, in my opinion, is to find out why a person's license is suspended, clear it up, get their license restored and resolve the case in a manner that will not resuspend them. Obviously, not all people are in a position to have their license reinstated. There are still things that can be done at times to lessen the impact.

If your suspension is the result of missed court dates do not just start paying off tickets in an attempt to clear your license. Many times people trying to do this will discover that they have suspended theit license further by handling things in the wrong order or for numerous other reasons. In many cases, I can clear old tickets and save you a significant amount of money in the process. Do not roll the dice with your license. There is no substitute for competent legal representation and advice. 

If you choose me to handle your case I will first conduct an interview as to what happened when you got charged. I will obtain a copy of your driving record and look into matters such as failures to appear, prior convictions, etc., to determine what needs to be done to get your license back. Getting your license back is not the end though. The case has to be handled in a way that allows you to keep them. With that being said, for some people it becomes a matter of trying to keep them out of jail.

Feel free to contact me about your driver's license status whether you have a pending charge or if you have simply neglected to handle old matters and would like to recover your license.