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Driving While Impaired is a serious offense which requires serious and experienced representation. Punishments for DWI in North Carolina range from mandatory jail sentences to monetary punishment and loss of your license. Including Habitual Driving While Impaired, which is a felony, there are seven levels of punishment for persons who plead guilty or are found guilty of DWI. Even at the lowest level a person will lose their license for a year. However, you may be eligible for a Limited Driving Privilege to drive at certain times and for specific purposes depending upon your circumstances. I will inform as to whether you will be eligible for a Privilege, what is required on your behalf to obtain it and refer you to agencies/facilities that can assist you with respect to substance abuse assessments, ignition interlock devices (if required), alcohol monitoring, etc.

The laws regarding DWI can be very complicated. These laws are not just laws written in the General Statutes but also case law as determined by North Carolina courts. I will personally handle your case from intake to finish. The process begins with an interview with you to hear from your perspective what happened. This can be done in person in my office or over the phone. If there are witnesses that you have they will be interviewed as well. I will tell you how to prepare yourself for the best outcome and what you need to do even in the initial phase. Next, I will go to court for you and discuss your case with the officer or officers that charged you. At this stage is typically when requests are also made for any bodycam or dashcam video footage that may be available. After discussion with the officer I will be able to advise you how I feel you need to proceed with the case and what your chances may be if the case should proceed to trial. However, the final decision as to how to proceed is yours. 

I also would like to just touch on fees for a moment. My fees are addressed on a different page. Your initial consultation is free. My word of caution is this. Paying more does not necessarily achieve a better result. Do not buy into the mindset of "I am paying more so I must be getting better." that is simply not the case and the only people who would try to convince you otherwise are the same people that would like to charge you a fortune. My fees are reasonable, as they should be, and tiered depending upon how you choose to proceed with your case. I will not tell you need to have a trial in a case that I do not think I have any chance of winning just to get more money from you, Likewise, I will not tell you that you need to plead guilty to make it easier on me to dispose of your case. You should base your decision about who your attorney will be on your personal discussions with them, research, asking others and upon the comfort level of your interaction with them.